Our Projects

  • Illustration

    Tarocchi e Racconti | Documentary series

    Limited Documentary Series in Partnership with NACNE Productions
    In Post-Production

    Shot against the stunning backdrop of Italy, the docudrama retrace retraces the history of Tarot, shedding light on its cultural influence and impact on art history. Prepare to be transported to the very origins of these mystical cards, as we weave together a compelling blend of fiction and non-fiction narratives.

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    Fine Art Security Tokens | Crypto

    Tokenization of art assets
    Coming Soon

    The Art Security Tokenization Project seeks to revolutionize the art industry by utilizing blockchain technology to tokenize valuable artworks. This project aims to convert traditional art assets into digital tokens, providing investors with ownership and enhanced liquidity.

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    The Art Report | Media

    Social Media Art Project
    Content Creation

    The Art Report is a social media channel that has rapidly garnered millions of views within just one year. With a strong presence on popular platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, this project has demonstrated impressive growth and engagement. The Art Report holds tremendous potential for further development and expansion.

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    Conferences | Art

    Hosting discussions
    Public Relations

    Our art fund hosts conferences that bring together the brightest minds and most creative thinkers in the art world. These events provide a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, network with peers, and gain inspiration for new projects and initiatives.