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Cellini Art Fund S.P.A. is an Italian Public Joint Stock Company engaged in the production and sale of documentary films on art history.In accordance with the law governing the issuance and circulation of security tokens, our film company has launched a full-fledged security token called CAFLW1 on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain to finance the production of its docuseries, "Leonardo Wanted, Season 1"


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What is a CAFLW1 security token?

The abbreviation and name of CAFLW1 Token stands for "Cellini Art Fund Leonardo Wanted, Season 1"

CAFLW1 token intended use

CAFLW1 offers investors the chance to possess a proportionate stake in the revenue derived from the commercialization of the Series.Every year, shareholders of CAFLW1 tokens will receive an annual dividend sourced from fifty percent (50%) of the total profit earned from the series' commercialization.

Three ways to profit are available to CAFLW1 token holders

Dividends are paid annually to CAFLW1 token holders. The CAFLW1 token will rise in value after the series is released, in line with the expected revenue. The value of the token is expected to increase after the release of the series. CAFLW1 token can be exchanged at the investor's request for any token of the company's film project catalog.

Double collateralization of token CAFLW1

First: It is secured by the participation rights to the dividend distribution plan linked to the First Season of the Leonardo Wanted docu-drama series.Second: The CAFLW1 token can be exchanged at the will of its holder for the security token CLLI, which in turn represents the security token of one share of CelliniArtFund SPA.The CLLI security token is backed by shares of the authorised capital of Cellini Art Fund S.p.A

The project " LEONARDO WANTED, Season 1" is prepared for production and has promising prospects for distribution on major streaming platforms and television networks.


Token issuance

A total of 9,270 CAFLW1 tokens have been issued. Each CAFLW1 token has a nominal value of 100 Euros. Additional issuances of CAFLW1 tokens are prohibited and will not take place. 

Expected value of CAFLW1

Considering the anticipated economic outcomes of the project, the market valuation of the series following its launch has the potential to yield returns ranging from two to three times its production expenses.

CAFTR token holders

A part of CAFLW1 tokens may be exchanged for tokens of the previous movie project "Tarocchi e Racconti" (CAFTR) at the request of investors, while the remaining CAFLW1 tokens will go on sale.

Profit distribution

To ensure transparency and profit distribution, CAFLW1 tokens will be deposited on a smart contract. 
After the formation of the company's annual financial report, which is approved by an independent supervisory board of auditors, 50% of the profits from the series' revenues will be automatically distributed to CAFLW1 token holders.

Redemption of residual CAFLW1

In the event that the CAFLW1 token issue is not fully realized prior to the start of the filming process, the unrealized tokens will be redeemed by the shareholders of CelliniArtFund SPA or by CelliniArtFund SPA.


Blockchain: Binance Smart ChainToken Name: Cellini Art Fund Leonardo Wanted, Season 1Token Symbol: CAFLW1Total Supply: 9,270 CAFLW1Decimals: 6CAFLW1 Token Address: 0xa6eC87f5dd44Ff6780A99aD9774cfcf8785dEe8AOwner Address:0x891B67a743973bbC67796429929cf2D8f5d2cD1e1 CAFLW1 = €100.00


Invest in CAFLW1 Tokens


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  • How do I add the CAFLW1 tokens to my wallet?

    Here is a guide to adding Metamask to Chrome. Check out our second step-by-step guide on adding the tokens to your MetaMask here.

  • What payment options do you provide?

    We currently accept both cryptocurrency and bank transfers as payment methods. You have the flexibility to choose your preferred payment option and proceed with the corresponding KYC procedure. Simply select the method that suits you best, and follow the KYC process accordingly.

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  • Can I purchase tokens through both cryptocurrency and bank transfer?

    Yes, you have the option to purchase tokens through both cryptocurrency and bank transfer. You can choose the payment method that is most convenient for you.

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