a tv series project in partnership with NACNE Productions 


a documentary film series project in partnership with NACNE Productions 


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12 Episodes | 30' Each Location: Italy 

Our television show takes the form of a "docu-fiction" that follows five fictional characters from different eras who come together to play cards and share their knowledge of Tarot, along with the input of important experts in the field.
Each episode focuses on the meaning of multiple Tarot cards, as well as their historical connections, delving into the origins of the cards, their significance, their ties to works of art by the Old Masters, and the role that Tarot cards have played in societies of the past and in ancient orders that are now lost.

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About our Partners


NACNE is an award-winning production house located in Rome, specializing in creating incredible documentaries for over two decades. Their remarkable work has received numerous prestigious prizes and has been featured in multiple film festivals. NACNE consistently delivers captivating storytelling that engages audiences worldwide.

Project Timeline

We will continue to update this timeline as the project progresses, providing you with a clear understanding of our current position. This timeline serves as a rough roadmap outlining how the project will be executed. By keeping it up to date, we ensure transparency and provide valuable insights into the project's development.

Phase 1: Development 

In this phase, we have consolidated all the necessary research and development required to kickstart the project. Status: Completed

Phase 2: Pre-Production and fundraising 

We are currently at this stage, where we have assembled all the essential components, including the script, locations, budget, experts, and a pre-production trailer. Our aim is to present our project at film festivals and garner interest and financial support. Status: Completed

Phase 3: Production - 2 months 

Now comes the exciting part! We are about to embark on a two-month shooting period across Italy, interviewing experts and shooting the content. Status: Completed

Phase 6: Post-Production 

During the post-production phase, which is expected to last approximately two months, we will be meticulously assembling all our raw materials. This includes incorporating animations, visual effects (VFX), performing color correction, and implementing other essential elements to bring our project to its final polished form. Status: Ongoing

Phase 5: Distribution 

That's it! After completing the post-production phase, our series will be ready for distribution across global markets. We are thrilled to share our project with audiences worldwide.

Let's talk specifics


"Tarocchi e Racconti" presents a compelling investment opportunity as a TV-adapted series with potential for international distribution. Its format allows for integration into scheduled programming, while the universal appeal of its subject matter ensures a wide audience beyond the borders of Italy. This makes it an attractive prospect for investors seeking a promising venture in the entertainment industry.


The filming locations for "Tarocchi e Racconti" are scattered throughout Italy. We have carefully selected a range of captivating settings, including museums, galleries, castles, and the offices of Tarot experts. These locations not only offer visually stunning backdrops, but also provide an immersive atmosphere that complements the high production quality of our series.

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