Cellini Art Fund S.p.A

Cellini Art Fund S.p.A. is a joint stock company that operates across four distinct sectors: film, art, media, and blockchain. By integrating these industries, the fund aims to diversify the promotion and sharing of art knowledge. Aside from safeguarding a renowned collection of old master artworks, Cellini Art Fund has also ventured into film production and the creation of art-focused documentary series starting in 2023. In line with progressive European Union legislation, the fund is actively working on releasing security tokens to enhance investment opportunities.


What We Do

We are currently producing a docu-series project titled "Tarocchi E Racconti." Spanning 12 episodes, each with a duration of 26 minutes, this series delves into the origins of the Tarot and their profound significance in the realm of art history.
● The Cellini Art Fund S.p.A. is in the process of developing the opportunity to offer shares backed by tangible assets, such as the self-portrait of Benvenuto Cellini and rights to documentary films. Stay tuned for further updates as we bring this innovative investment opportunity to fruition, which would allow to tokenize assets without NFTs.
● We support art media projects online dedicated to making art history more accessible to all.

Film and Media Production

We specialise in directing, producing, and handling post-production processes for films and documentaries that delve into the captivating realm of art history.


Harnessing the potential of blockchain to develop innovative investment instruments through the tokenisation of art assets.

Support for Creators

Extending our expertise and resources to provide media support and guidance to promising creators within the art industry, nurturing their talents and facilitating their professional growth.

Art Asset Management

Taking great pride in being the custodians of an art collection, diligently ensuring its care and preservation. We organise art-related events, and foster collaborations with academic institutions to promote the exploration of art.

Who we are

Our team consists of experienced business professionals, respected art historians, and prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry. Together, we have developed an innovative art fund that incorporates blockchain, all within a secure and regulated framework. Unlike many other cryptocurrency initiatives, our fund undergoes thorough audits conducted by certified authorities located in Italy.


Leonardo Rovani


Leonardo's passion for cinematography and his deep love for art history have led him to pursue a career as a documentary filmmaker. Having the opportunity to present subjects of profound cultural value to an interested audience through the power of audio-visual storytelling has become a calling for him.


Oleg Nasobin

State Expert Art Historian

Oleg, having resided in Europe for over three decades, has successfully nurtured and developed businesses while concurrently pursuing a career in art and film. His extensive experience includes working with renowned companies such as Warner Brothers, BBC, and Amazon Prime Productions.


Sergey Kurnaev

Blockchain Architect

Sergey is a seasoned crypto expert passionate about blockchain. With years of experience in exchanges, banks, trading, mining, and loans, he contributes valuable insights to the crypto community. Sergey's dedication to decentralization and blockchain study fuels his continuous growth in this dynamic field.

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Viale del Lavoro 53Verona 37135 (VR)Italy

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